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Natural stone mosaic is a mosaic of natural stone cut and polished into mosaic tiles of various specifications and shapes. It is the oldest and traditional mosaic variety. The earliest mosaic is made of small stones. Stone mosaic has pure natural texture, natural style, simple and elegant. According to the different processing technology, there are two types of mosaic family, matte and bright surface. The specifications are square, bar, rounded, irregular plane, rough surface and so on. Decorating walls or floors with this material not only retains the simplicity of natural stone itself, but also enriches patterns. Natural marble mosaic is made by machine cutting into very small particles and pure manual assembly. Because the mosaic material has durability, it will not peel off or change color due to environmental time, it belongs to high-grade decorative products with pure color, elegance and generosity. It has the characteristics of durability and never fade. Widely used in all kinds of building decoration, interior decoration, is the ideal high-end decoration products.

Mosaic is also called paper brick. Mosaic is a kind of mosaic art. It is a pattern of small stones of various colors. In the process of evolution, it gradually extends to shellfish, ceramic tiles, glass sheets and other raw materials. It is a special type of brick, usually composed of dozens of small bricks and a relatively large brick. It is widely used in indoor small-area floors, walls and outdoor large-sized walls and floors with its small size and colorful features. Due to its small size, the mosaic can make some puzzles and produce a gradient effect.

The characteristics of the mosaic. Mosaic tiles are environmentally friendly. Shell mosaics, marble mosaics, jade mosaics, etc. are made of pure natural materials, without adding any harmful substances during processing. In today's era of pursuing environmental protection and pursuing nature, these mosaic tiles made of natural materials best meet people's environmental protection philosophy.

Mosaic tiles are highly decorative. Mosaic tiles use the form of puzzles to enhance their decoration. The mosaic materials are very rich and the color changes. It has evolved from traditional small stone particles to shells, ceramics, metal, glass and other materials. The mosaic can express the temperament and emotion of the material itself. When decorating the interior space, it can be used as an embellishment material for other decorative materials, or a mosaic wall can be used in a large area. It can also use the gradient method of mosaic brick color. Various geometric arrangements are available.

Mosaic has a long service life. Because the main raw materials of the mosaic are mostly natural stone, in terms of its wear resistance, it is incomparable with decorative materials such as ceramic tiles and wooden floors. Because there are many gaps between each small particle of the mosaic tile, its anti-stress ability is more advantageous than other decorative materials. This is also the mosaic that can survive for thousands of years and enter our modern life from the Roman era. Bloom it wonderful.

Mosaic tiles are safe. With good anti-slip and wear resistance, mosaic tiles are widely used in bathing centers, swimming pools, kitchen and bathroom spaces, etc., which are practical and beautiful compared to other traditional materials.

The mosaic tiles are personalized. Mosaic tiles allow some fashion-conscious people who like DIY to have more space to show their creativity. In addition, a stainless steel mosaic is no longer confined to the kitchen space, it can also be used to make TV background walls, living room walls and bedroom or porch decoration.

Classification of mosaics:

At present, the common mosaics on the market are divided into glass mosaics, stone mosaics, ceramic mosaics, metal mosaics, and shell mosaics. Glass mosaic: It is a layer of flowers on the back of a flat transparent glass. It looks a bit like ceramic from the front, but it is transparent from the side. The color is very bright, but the glass has the characteristics of brittleness and poor thermal shock.

Stone Mosaic: Made of natural stone by special process, it does not add any chemical dyes, but it has poor acid and alkali resistance and poor waterproof performance. Ceramic mosaic: It is a layer of glaze on the surface of the ceramic body, which is equivalent to a small piece of tile, which can make different surface gloss effects, different colors, high strength, toughness, heat shock resistance, etc. Advantages, moisture-proof, waterproof, wear-resistant and easy to clean, etc., used in exterior walls and kitchens.

Metal mosaic: high hardness, strength, gloss retention, glazing, glittering, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, rust and oil proof, easy to clean, excellent light protection, strong adhesion, color retention Good, high temperature resistance, salt spray resistance, scratch resistance, environmental protection, flame retardant, explosion-proof.

Shell mosaic: feels smooth and closer to nature. Natural shells are made by cutting, planing, special process dyeing and smashing. It is characterized by some noble light transmission, environmental protection and beautiful colors.

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